Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Three Questions For Lo'renzo Hill-White

      The 3 questions I ask to my friends and people in my life when they visit my studio

   My guest:                     Lo'renzo Hill-White
   Reason of the visit:    To choose a dress for Tinsley Mortimer's visit to an NYC event.

  Lo'renzo Hill-White
My 3 questions to Lorenzo

Lo'renzo Hill-White is:
      -Obsessed with fashion. I love it. I wear it. I always want it.

Your ultimate NYC moment: 
      -was my drive from Laguardia Airport into the city... I was looking out of the window at this beautiful place that I had been to a zillion times in my life, but this time it was a more exciting and surreal feeling... as this time I was finally able to call NY my home.

Your fashion quote:
     -Everything looks much better with clear skin, great shoes, and great attitude.

Tinsley Mortimer wearing a dress from my SS'12 collection, styled by Lo'renzo Hill-White


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Three Questions For Alexa Winner

            The 3 questions I ask to my friends and people in my life when they visit my studio

       I had this idea for this blog for a while now, I wanted the girl, who buys my designs to learn more about what happens in my studio, what I do, who are the inspiring people in my life and what projects we do with them. So, when I finally decided to just start this blog, my first guest was Alexa Winner….
       Reason of the visit: to plan our fashion show at Grammy’s after party In Los Angeles at the Playboy Mansion, which is going to be styled by Alexa, by the way, Alexa was the one who connected all the dots and come up to me with this opportunity, thanks Alexa…
Alexa Winner  trying on a dress and me on the phone

My 3 questions to Alexa
         • Alexa Winner is: a stylist, designer, design consultant, graphic designer, photographer and journalist by trade. A quirky, free-spirited, impulsive, fragile, fun-loving, wistful, dreamer by birth.   

        • Alexa Winner's Ultimate NYC Fashion Moment: It may sound a bit cliche, but I have always felt some sort of weird camaraderie with Daphne Guinness. Maybe it's the contradictions she stands for; the pain, the glamour. I'm certainly (for lack of a better word) nowhere near as chic or sophisticated as she, nor have I been graced with the honor of conversing with her either. Thus said, for years I have taken note of Daphne's catch-me-if-you-can't approach to both life and fashion, but there was a moment between Ms. Guinness and I that I will never forget. It was early September, 2011, at the private pre-opening of Daphne's namesake exhibition at FIT. The room was filled with well-groomed patrons gasping, if not gawking, just to have their "moment" with Daphne. I knew I wouldn't have a bats chance in hell in trying to slither my way through the armored (that is, Alexander McQueen shoulder pad-armored) crowd, so I decided to go about mingling and just enjoy the exhibit for what it was.  As I began to exit, I took one last look and turned around. Flocked by just as many security guards as there were Avatar-shoed admirers, Ms. Guinness, in the midst of this, took a very special if not awkwardly prolonged second and made direct eye contact with me. We engaged in one another's stare and, for me at the very least, it felt like her's were the only eyes in the room. It was with those eyes that she smiled and in a split second, I felt like in some sort of trans-teleportic way she sent me the message "I get it." My senses quickly returned and off floated (yes, the woman does float I believe!) Ms. Guinness. It could've been the magnificent Maggie Norris couture gown I was wearing or the 1900's top hat I had perched above my head that drew her attention to me, but I will always believe that in that very small second, Daphne and I understood each other. The pain, the glamour; she got it, and for just a second I felt a little less alone...and "I got it" too.

      • Alexa Winner's Fashion Quote: "Life's a Runway...Walk It!"

Alexa in our Transformer dress, fall 2011

What is a Transformer Dress?

Want to transform your appearance in mere minutes? We’re not talking hair or make-up, we’re talking dresses! Von Vonni is a New York City based apparel company that specializes in women’s tops, bottoms and dresses. The clothing is contemporary, flattering and feminine. The key aspect to Von's designs is that they are always wearable and comfortable. They are the epitome of New York City Fashion. His best seller? The Transformer Dress.

What is a transformer dress?

Answer: The ultimate versatile dress, which has the ability to transform your look throughout the day without changing clothes or looking out of place.

Speaking in the most basic terms, a transformer dress is composed of a circle skirt and two long shoulder straps. Von Vonni dreamed up the Transformer Dress when he was studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. The dress can be worn in many different ways. By winding, wrapping, twisting, tucking and tying it, you can create many looks. These include: strapless, v-neck, halter, one-shoulder, and many others. See the many ways that the beautiful transformer dress can be worn - as shown by the designer Von Vonni himself here. You’ll never have to wear the same dress more than once. The dress comes in both long and short styles. The long version of the skirt hits the ground almost like a slightly loose column with delicate folds. The dress is one size fits all that accommodates most body shapes, it also comes in plus sizes. A transformer dress is made out of a thin jersey knit that can be worn by anyone comfortably.

The transformer dress can go from va-va-voom (tied as a one shouldered dress) to prim and proper, with cap sleeves and a straight neckline. It is the ultimate staple to own! You can wear it for a several occasions that vary in time, place, class, etc. It can be made sexy, or you can make it sweet. There also is the Victoria dress, which is similar except it has long sleeves.

Why stop at just one? The Transformer dress comes in staple colors and neutrals, such as black and gray. It also comes in a variety of bright colors and fun prints; think leopards, paint splatters, swirls, paisleys, and pieces of coral. People often never notice you are wearing the same dress because you can alter the top! Perfect for a wardrobe rut, or a big event (which you didn’t have time to shop for) and countless other “I don’t know what to wear!” crises! Transform your look with a mere few movements of fabric!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Von Vonni - Moscow MBFW S/S 2012

Von Vonni - NYFW S/S 2012

Get the Look - Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's

Pictures from Russia's Next Top Model, Season 1

Get the Look - Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itch

Pictures from Russia's Next Top Model, Season 1

Get the Look - Liza Minnelli in Cabaret

Pictures from Russia's Next Top Model, Season 1