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Trendy Lab video on Von Vonni Presentation (in Russian)

Trendy Lab №30 - Ч.1 - VON VONNI на MBFW Russia

Last minute Halloween costumes using Von Vonni!

From WAR.WORN.FASHION, see what she has to say below and follow the link to see even more bloggers modeling and outfit ideas!

Model: Jaclyn of Wearhou.se
Dress: Von Vonni Ashley Dress

Model: Chris of The Tiny Tierant
Dress:Von Vonni Short Transformer Dress in Teal

Model: Ashley of What Would Ashley Wear?
Dress: Von Vonni Aphrodite Gown

A Very #WarWornHalloween
Fashion – true fashion – is versatile. It is all about functionality, wearability (and to some extent, comfort), and transformation. The original concept behind prêt-a-porter is uniformity. Today’s fashion is also about personality; there is whimsy in the notions of personal street style and the novelties available for purchase in the market (think of fads and your go-to fashion items for the season). At this time of the year though, your ordinary fashions take a back seat with Halloween. The season is all about costumes of extraordinary proportion. I love Halloween but the day has become a Hallmark holiday where one poorly made, tacky outfit costs an arm and a leg, destined only to be worn once. Not to mention, contemporary Halloween outfitting is far from appropriate.

“In the regular world, Halloween is when children dress up in costumes and beg for candy. In Girl World, Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.”

This Halloween, I’d like to invite you to bring back fashion. For the first time, War.Worn.Fashion introduces the concept of fashion DIY, the quintessential factor in daily dressing. In other words, we are talking about styling. Whether you make your own clothes or purchase them, styling can make or break your outfits. In my mind, fashion is about staples and styling them to multiple ways. Especially in this economy, fashion is meant to easily transform and create multiple looks for your wardrobe.

That is the concept behind War Worn Halloween, a photo shoot project featuring some amazing designers and some of New York City’s finest bloggers. The models, some members of The Bloggers’ Collective (a group I am proudly a part of) and rising classical music star, Adrianna Mateo, were photographed by New York City photographer (and dear friend of mine) Sasha Collins at Element Condominium. We’ve teamed up with Von Vonni and Alp Sagnak’s Atelier Minyon, two brands characterised by innovation and variation to create looks that can not only be worn as Halloween costumes but serve as examples of daily street style on ordinary occasions (for the extraordinary girl). The dresses the models are wearing are the same, regardless of their assigned archetype. “Costumes” are styled differently. For example, many of the dresses featured are Von Vonni Transformer dresses, which can be worn multiple ways – the perfect element for a transformational photo shoot. Equally as versatile, Atelier Minyon pieces are shown in both day-to-day outfit AND Halloween shots. While the jewellery makes an edgy statement, it is cryptic enough to display the wearer’s personality and be worn outside of special occasions (Ever heard of “it” accessories? Yeah, that’s what we mean)


Sally McGraw 'already pretty' wearing Von Vonni Cobalt Transformer!

"I wore this to meet a colleague at a cafe. The moment I walked in, a gent who looked like George Carlin and sounded like Sam Elliott said, “Well, that is just a lovely ensemble.” WIN.

Sometime over the summer, I saw a photo of a celeb in a mustard cardigan and cobalt maxi dress. I feel like it might’ve been Jessica Alba. Adding the burgundy/garnet accessories and shoes was my idea. It didn’t dawn on me until late in the day that I’d assembled a red, yellow, and blue outfit … although these are certainly alternate versions of the traditional primaries!"

see her post here!

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New 2013 Collection Colorblock Transformers

// The 2013 Collection Colorblock Transformers are now in stock.


Find the perfect one at:

♥ http://www.vonvonni.com/index.php/transformer.html ♥

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Tia Walker from thequestforit wearing Von Vonni!

The talented and beautiful Tia Walker from www.thequestforit.com - looking stunning in Von vonni at the Casita Maria Gala 2012 - at the Mandarin Oriental hotel.

Find your perfect piece among the new Arrivals: http://www.vonvonni.com/index.php/new-arrivals.html

Photo by: Annie Watt for the New York Social Diary

Vasilissa ultimatestylesense wearing the transformer!

Beautiful blogger Vasilissa from: http://ultimatestylesense.blogspot.com/ - loves her Von vonni Transformer dress.

Find your own perfect transformer at:

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Von Vonni Presentation review by Style Outlook

"If you have read my previous post you already know that Von Vonni presentation was another key event that opened Mercedes-Benz fashion week on Thursday. American designer Von Vonni presented his SS 2013 collection at Moscow department store TSUM. The runway show was replaced by what I would call a "stand up" show with models standing in front of the audience wearing very feminine silk maxi skirts and dresses, peplum tops, shirts with frills and mint-colored jackets. Despite the fact that I really loved this concept of the presentation because we got a closer look at the clothes, I felt very sorry for the models who remained almost motionless for more than 2 hours.

Von Vonni appeals to the Russian audience for a number of reasons. Firtsly, his beautiful and ethereal but absolutely wearable dresses are known for their contemporarty prices. Born in the former USSR and immigrated in the U.S.A in 1990 Von Vonni seems to know Russian audience quite well which makes it easier for him to satisfy Russian market demands. This was proved by the fact that the guests represented a very diverse crowd from fashion bloggers and buyers to "crème de la crème" of the Russian entertainment media.

Marika - MTV Russia VJ and fashion designer - told me that there are no Von Vonni clothes in her wardrobe yet but she hopes that it will change soon.
Although, answering the question about the place where it is the best to start a fashion brand, Von Vonni told me that despite his success in Moscow he still thinks that the U.S.A is the county of opportunities and he would choose it over any other counry in the world to start a business. But I would add that you are free to have your own opinion.

Some guests were wearing Von Vonni dresses. For example, Sophie - the author of Sophie's avenue blog and "Trendy Lab" TV show host- in the picture above. The photograph is taken from my friends' street style blog Nevskiy Podium."


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Von Vonni Transformer Dress featured on Cosmopolitan Russia's website!!

Read an english translation below and see the original article in Russian here! Find out what a transformer dress is here!

So, with the "battle dress" you probably already know: we usually compare outfits of stars. But today, we have prepared a surprise for you - "the battle of fashion editors!" Us at Cosmopolitan dearly love Von Vonni - after all, his famous dresses -transformers can drape different ways. This means that for every social event, you get a new dress! One only has to experiment a bit in front of the mirror. Xenia Ruzanova (left) wearing the classic blue dress to Von Vonni's designer presentation on Wednesday, draping it over one shoulder. She added to the dress shoes with high heels. And Catherine Dubovikova (right) chose the exact same dress for shows at Fashion Week on Thursday, draped it in the traditional way - on both shoulders, and do a little arm to the elbow. What way would you drape it? Maybe you could wear this dress differently - tell us!


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Von Vonni featured on Vogue Russia's website!!

Click here to read a small article and see many more pictures! Click here to see all of the latest photos from the new collection!

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Von Vonni Presentation Review

Roughly translated into english

One of the few designers who can build a wholly social event before the official start of the week, Von Vonni presented his new collection on the fourth floor of the Central Department Store to the sound set from the main fashion DJs country - Vitaly Kozak and Natalia Turovnikova - and in the presence of one hand extremely motley and on the other - truly Moscow guest suite. It was a place found everything from VJ designer Masha Kravtsova only Russian player to ever play for the first part of "Barcelona", Igor Korneev.
As a collection, consisting of short and long chiffon dresses reflected ethnic backgrounds and pledged commitment to the brightness (Armenian roots Von Vonni no dlyakogo not a secret), and insinuating, is an American company (originally from New York) for their own ability to find the most attractive ideas "packaging." In the latter role, this time made by pastel colors with a dominant light turquoise powder. Well, the first batch in the spring-summer 2013 got the three-color texture of fish scales, which Von Vonni equally skillfully incorporate both in dress and in the tops with sleeves "bat."

Original Russian

Один из немногих дизайнеров, способных собрать стопроцентное светское мероприятие еще до официального старта Недели, Von Vonni презентовал свою новую коллекцию на четвертом этаже ЦУМа под звуки сета от главных фэшн-диджеев страны – Виталия Козака и Натальи Туровниковой – и в присутствии с одной стороны необыкновенно разношерстного, а с другой - истинно московского набора гостей. В нем нашлось нашлось место всем: от виджея-дизайнера Маши Кравцовой до единственного русского футболиста, когда-либо игравшего за первый состав «Барселоны», Игоря Корнеева.
В самой коллекции, состоявший из коротких и длинных шифоновых платьев отразились и заложенное этническим бэкграундом стремление к яркости (армянские корни Von Vonni ни длякого не секрет), и вкрадчивое, истинно американское (бренд родом из Нью-Йорка) умение найти для собственных идей максимально привлекательную «упаковку». В роли последней на сей раз выступили пастельные тона с доминирующим светло-бирюзовым цветом пудры. Ну, а первая партия в коллекции Весна-Лето 2013 досталась трехцветной фактуре рыбной чешуи, которую Von Vonni одинаково умело инкорпорировал как в платья, так и в топы с рукавами «летучая мышь».


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Interview with Von Vonni about the Winter 2012-2013 Collection

This is an interview from March 20, 2012 about the Winter 2012-2013 Collection, many of the dresses that were featured are on the website right now!

About the collection - What is it, Von Vonni collection fall / winter 2012-2013? VV:My new collection is very romantic and bright, it is filled with a variety of colors and shades.

-What are the main reasons: cuts, fabrics, colors? VV: I mainly used in metallic and deep red. As decoration on many models, you will see the embroidery, the different patterns. Well, I chose fabrics from colored silk and wool combinations. -

-What inspired you to create the winter collection? VV: I was inspired by the city in which I grew up - New York. And the most beautiful state in which you can stay for life - love!

On the world - What place on earth inspires you? VV:
Of course it's New York, I really love the energy of this city.

- Your favorite place in New York? VV: You know, I do not have a favorite place. Each week, preferences and liking change.

- Favorite movie about New York? VV: "Manhattan" by Woody Allen.

- Moscow, as well as New York City, the capital of a developed country, it is a powerful global metropolis. How do you think the difference between the Russian and American cities? VV: I think that Moscow and New York the main difference in energy, it is different. Each of these cities is unique in its own way, and the only thing that unites them for me - it is my deep love for them.

- What city in the world is for you an icon of Street Fashion? VV: City street fashion for me - this is, again, my New York! It's so creative, trendy, ever-changing. You can meet people from all over the world, from anywhere! And they all carry their own individual, unique style.

- Who is your favorite fashion designer? VV: Marc Jacobs

About Me

- What makes you laugh? VV: Life drawings

- What can upset you? VV: Disappointment in the people that I trust

- A surprise? VV: Hmm ... Something about what I never thought, it is can exist. Find out about it, get to the truth - that's amazing.

- How do you relax? VV: I usually have too little time to rest. The most I can afford a two or three day trip several times a year.

- What makes you cry? VV: I cry when I watch movies.


О коллекции
- Какая она, коллекция Von Vonni осень/зима 2012-2013?
V.V.: Моя новая коллекция очень романтичная и яркая, она наполнена разнообразием цветов и оттенков.

- Каковы ее основные мотивы: крой, ткани, цвета?
V.V.: В основном я использовал цвета металлик и насыщенный красный. В качестве украшения на многих моделях вы увидите вышивку, различные узоры. Ну а из тканей я выбрал цветной шелк и различные комбинации шерсти.

- Что вдохновило вас на создание зимней коллекции?
V.V.: Меня вдохновил город, в котором я вырос — Нью-Йорк. И самое прекрасное состояние, в котором можно пребывать всю жизнь — любовь!

О мире
- Какое место на Земле заставляет вас творить?
V.V.: Конечно это Нью-Йорк, я действительно обожаю энергетику этого города.

- Ваше любимое место в Нью-Йорке?
V.V.: Знаете, одного какого-то любимого места у меня нет. Каждую неделю предпочтения и симпатии меняются.

- Любимый фильм о Нью-Йорке?
V.V.: «Манхеттен» режиссера Вуди Аллена.

- Москва, как и Нью-Йорк, столица развитой страны, это мощный мировой мегаполис. Как вы думаете, в чем разница между русским и американским городами?
V.V.: Мне кажется, что между Москвой и Нью-Йорком главная разница в энергетике, она разная. Каждый из этих городов уникален по-своему, и единственное, что их для меня объединяет — это моя к ним глубокая любовь.

- Какой город мира является для вас иконой street fashion?
V.V.: Город street fashion для меня — это, опять же, мой Нью-Йорк! Он настолько креативный, модный, постоянно меняющийся. Там можно встретить людей со всего мира, откуда угодно! И они все являются носителями своего индивидуального, неповторимого стиля.

- Ваш любимый дизайнер одежды?
V.V.: Marc Jacobs

О себе
- Что может вас рассмешить?
V.V.: Жизненные розыгрыши

- Что может вас расстроить?
V.V.: Разочарование в тех людях, которым я доверял

- А удивить?
V.V.: Хмм...Что-либо, о чем я никогда не задумывался, вполне, может существовать. Разузнать об этом, докопаться до истины — вот что удивительно.

- Как вы отдыхаете?
V.V.: Обычно у меня катастрофически мало времени на отдых. Максимум, что я могу себе позволить — это двух или трех дневная поездка несколько раз в год.

- Что может заставить вас заплакать?
V.V.: Я плачу, когда смотрю кино.



Photos from Von Vonni Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Presentation in Russia






see even more here!

Russian singer Victoria Daineko @VictoriaDaineko wearing Von Vonni!

"Missed @Von_Vonni 's show tonight in Moscow but put on his fabulous dress to perform tonight in Beijing."

on instagram


Another photo from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia!



New instagram picture of Von Vonni Fashion Week Presentation in Russia!



Blogger Carly from Thirtysomethingfashion wearing the victoria dress!

Our friend Carly from ThirtySomethingFashion - wearing the beautiful Victoria Dress in black. Styled perfectly for a 'formal affair'.

She says:

"I have been a fan of Von Vonni for a few years, as you can see from features here, here and here.
I am planning to wear this dress below for a wedding I am attending late November...sharing it here a bit early, so you have time to pop over to Von Vonni and check out the beautiful dresses for all your special occasion needs this fall. I decided to pair my favorite bordeaux accessories and keep it classic with a strand of pearls...Feeling regal...and at 6 weeks post birth...how I feel is more than half the battle:) Would you style it up differently? Do tell."

Check the rest of the pictures at her blog on: http://www.thirtysomethingfashion.com/2012/10/a-formal-affair.html


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Von vonni Aphrodite Dress

The stunning Von vonni Aphrodite Dress sold out before it even hit most stores this season.
Only a few units available on the web at ♥ http://www.vonvonni.com/index.php/new-arrivals/von-vonni-aphrodite-sequined-gown-gold.html

Once they are sold - no more will be made.

Interview with Von Vonni! (with Russian Translation)

Von Vonni is a famous designer from New York, but was born in the former USSR. With a natural affinity for fashion, as a child his imagination ran wild as he drew up creations for his mother and grandmother. These sketches eventually manifested into reality as he constructed clothing from any materials he could find — including, much to his parents dismay, the curtains from the living room.
He doing fashion shows in Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York and take respect . He always welcome in Russia. He really have many fans his dresses. In Russia he doing own fashion shows in Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia. And in soon he will doing presentation with a new collection 17th of October, at Tsum Moscow ( Petrovka 2) at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia.
Therefore, Maria and Iness were happy to talk to Vaughn before the show and ask him a few questions. Now, we await his arrival to celebrate with a glass of champagne!

Вон Вонни является известным дизайнером из Нью-Йорка, но родился в бывшем СССР. От природы ему досталась любовь к моде, с самого раннего детства его воображение бегало, когда он наблюдал за творчеством его матери и бабушки. Воспоминания из детства проявляются и сейчас в его работах и эскизах. Маленький Вон в детстве мог построить одежду из любых материалов, которые он мог найти - в том числе, к ужасу родителей подручными средствами для нового платья стали занавески из гостиной.
Он делал показы мод на Нью-Йорской Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week и заслужил уважение. Вон всегда желанный гость в России. У его платьев действительно очень много поклонниц. В России Вон делает собственные показы мод в рамках Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week России. И в скором времени будет дпредставлена презентация его новой коллекции в ЦУМе (Петровка, 2) 17 октября на Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia.
Поэтому, белки были счастливы пообщаться с Воном накануне и задать ему пару вопросов. А теперь ждут его приезда, чтобы отпраздновать успех за бокалом шампанского!

1. Name


2. What made you become a fashion designer?
I loved fashion and clothing all my life and started sketching since i was 3, so the decision was very easy and organic.

Как пришел к мысли стать дизайнером?
Я любил моду и одежду с самого детства! И начал создавать эскизы, когда мне было еще три года. Так что мыль стать дизайнером пришла очень легко. И мне кажется, что это было очевидно с самого начала.

3. Do you remember your first fashion show? Justifiable to expectations?
Of course i remember the very first show of my company, it was only 3 years ago and i was very nervous and worked 2 days without sleep the day before the show.

Помнишь ли ты свой первый показ, подготовку к нему. Оправдались ли ожидания?
Конечно помню свой самый первый показ своей коллекции! Это было всего лишь три года назад, и я очень нервничал и работал двое суток без сна накануне своего показа.

4. Do you have thoughts of remaking/fixing existing collection? Is there a limit to perfection?
This happened a few times with me, i would not say it is to make things perfect, but to show something that you believe in 100% and very confidant, mostly it is about design, not about the execution of the garment.

Появляется ли желание переделать/исправить уже готовые коллекции? Есть ли предел совершенству?
Такое случалось со мной несколько раз. Я не хочу сказать именно о идеальной вещи, но о показе своего сто процентного видения дизайна, в который ты веришь - это очень важно. Очень хочется показать именно дизайн, а не вещь.

5. What fabrics and materials do you prefer to use in your collections?
For von Vonni collection we use silk fabrics like chiffon, charmuse, wools and wool blends, novelty laces and fancy embroideries.

Какие ткани и материалы ты предпочитаешь использовать для создания своих коллекций?
Для коллекций Вон Вонни мы используем шелк, шифон, атлас, шерсть и полушерстяные, кружево и вышивки с узорами.

6. Your dresses always very womanly and "flying". Who is your muse?
She is the woman who likes to dress up, lives her life with joy and fun, and does not take fashion too seriously.

Твои платья всегда очень женственные и "летящие". Какой образ женщины тебя вдохновляет на их создание?
Эта женщина, которая любит носить платья, живет своей жизнью с наслаждением и весельем, и не воспринимает моду слишком серьезно.

7. Over the last 5 years which dreams came true ? Plans for the future?
Oha! Well, my biggest dream was always to have my own brand and to probably sell it out of my bran store, this dream of mine came true, but i had no idea that it would come true on a level that i could not even dream of back then. there are a few plans for future, but i prefer to talk about them only when they are ready to be presented.

За последние 5 лет, что реально сбылось из твоих ожиданий? Планы на будущее?
Ох! Ну что же, моя самая большая мечта иметь свой собственный бренд и продавать вещи в собственном брендовом магазине исполнилась, но я тогда и понятия не имел, что она исполниться настолько! Тогда я даже не мог мечтать о таком, что имею сейчас. Есть несколько планов на будущее, но я предпочитаю о них говорить только тогда, когда они уже будут реализованы.

8. Your ideal working conditions
Very difficult for me to say, as i can work under different conditions, and usually i get bored of the same working routine, so its always changing for me.

Твои идеальные условия работы
Мне сложно сказать, какие для меня идеальные условия для работы. Я работаю абсолютно в разных условиях. И если все идет по одному кругу, то для меня это становится рутиной. Я предпочитаю, чтобы все постоянно менялось.

9. What are some online resources related to the fashion that you regularly visit?
Style.com and wwd.com. These are the only 2 that i check on daily bases.

Назови несколько интернет ресурсов, связанных с модой, которые ты регулярно посещаешь.
Style.com и wwd.com. Это единственные два сайта, который я посещаю ежедневно.

10. Will you present this year a new collection in Russia?
Yes, of course, our show will be on October 17th, at Tsum Moscow at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia.

В этом году будешь представлять свою новую коллекцию в России?
Да, конечно. Моя презентация будет 17 октября, в ЦУМ Москве в рамках Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia.

11. If I may ask, how much do your clothes cost and where can they be bought?
My most famous transformer dress is about 6000 rubles, this dress is very reasonably priced, and it is available at Tsum 4th floor, at Gum, and a few other boutiques in Moscow. My official web-site: www.vonvonni.com

Если не секрет, то сколько стоят твои платья и где можно их приобрести?
Мои самые известные платья-трансформеры стоят в районе шести тысяч рублей. Эта цена действительно оправдывает платье, и мои платья можно приобрести в ЦУМ, ГУМ и в нескольких других магазинах в Москве. Мой официальный сайт: www.vonvonni.com

12. Have you ever planned to create a capsule collection?
I have done and still do a capsule collections, i love this concept!

Планировал ли ты когда-нибудь создать капсульную коллекцию?
Я делал и буду продолжать делать капсульные коллекции. Люблю эту концепцую!

Traditional questions:
И традиционные вопросы:

1. What accessory or clothing attributes do you always have with you?
I do not have any accessories, i never wore then, and never liked them on men, i dint even wear a watch, so accessories other then a scarf in winter, or a suit scarf, was never part of my closet.

Какой аксессуар или атрибут одежды всегда практически с тобой?
У меня никогда не было аксессуаров, я не носил их и никогда не любил на мужчинах. Я никогда не носил часов, или аксессуар в виде шарфа зимой или костюмный шарф никогда не были частью моего гардероба.

2. Your favorite alcohol drink?
Aperol spritz

Любимый алкогольный напиток?
Aperol spritz

3. Where can you be seen in the afternoon?
Mostly at my office, but i never know where the day would take me sometimes:)

Где можно встретить тебя днем?
Зачастую в моем офисе, но я никогда не знаю иногда, куда занесет меня новый день:)

4. Which night clubs do you go to? In New York? In Moscow?
In New york it would be boom boom room, bungalow 8... in Moscow it would be Semachev bar.

В каких ночных заведениях с тобой можно пересечься и напиться? В Нью-Йорке? В Москве?
В Нью-Йорке это - boom boom room, bungalow 8.... В Москве это Денис Симачев бар.

5. Cheers?
Of course! cheers!

Конечно! Чиирз!



Monday, October 8, 2012

Style on The Couch wearing the Victoria Dress on Instagram

"like" the original picture on instagram here!


Von Vonni Internship

Fashion Intern

Country USA
Region New York
Department New York
Contract type Internship
Availability Full time
Experience Student

Description of job

This is an ideal place for a hardworking individual that wants to be completely immersed in the fashion industry. Our interns routinely assist in:
-Public Relations
-Customer Service and Support

Candidates must possess strong organizational skills, the ability to multitask, and be detail oriented.
A positive attitude and an eagerness to learn is crucial!
Internships for College Credit only.

We require a 2-5 day per week commitment.
This is an unpaid internship. Upon completion interns will receive a letter of recommendation.

Von Vonni Online LLC is looking for Fall Fashion Interns!
We are an up and coming fashion company located in the heart of it all- the garment district. We are looking for bright, energetic, and dedicated interns for our Fall Internship.

A little background about Von Vonni:
We are a women’s contemporary brand headed by the genius designer, Von Vonni himself. His romantic, fabulous, and always on trend designs have been featured in Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, OK, WWD, just to name a few. Von’s FW 12 collection was presented during Moscow’s Mercedes Benz fashion week and received high praise. For more information and background about the designer and the brand please visit www.vonvonni.com

Apply Here!

WAR.WORN.FASHION Review of SS'13 Collection

"The jet-set lifestyle is one many aspire to have but are not necessarily fortunate enough to have. Given the fact that one of the many societal functions of fashion is to transport and narrate, it comes as no surprise that resortwear silhouettes, colours, and prints enable designers to create clothing that takes us abroad. International designer Von Vonni takes us from New York City to the French Riviera with his Spring/Summer 2013 collection. From the epicentre of fashion in what is New York’s Garment District (where he and his team create affordable, Made in the USA high-end ready-to-wear for any occasion), we are transported to Saint Tropez with nude lips, sultry purple smokey eyes, and ‘70’s flair fashions reverent to Yves Saint Laurent.

Set at the Norwood in Chelsea, the juxtaposition between modernity and nostalgia (seen alone in the architecture and décor of the site of the presentation), masculine and feminine notions, warm and cool colours, and European and American design aesthetic were very evident. Dusty, mute pastels (rust, creams, mints, rose, and powder blue) were set off by a vibrant, tropical chevron print. Key motifs included jabot/pussy bow details, peplums, gathers, and cuffs; the standout pieces were a twill skater dress, triple-peplum twill blazer, silk wrap dresses (a Von Vonni signature), and of course, the white lace embroidered wedding gown (modeled by a previous contestant on ANTM - bonus points if you remembered that her name is Eugena) with subtle tones of canary yellow.

The question now: where will Von Vonni take us next?"


Saturday, October 6, 2012

Ashley dress in Cosmopolitan Russia

// the Von vonni Ashley dress - featured in Cosmopolitan Russia - October Edition.

Get your own - now for a special price at ♥


Friday, October 5, 2012

Victoria... The perfect fall dress!

TGIF… Thank god it's…. FALL? The Leaves are falling… the weather is a bit chillier.. it's still beautiful outside.. and a perfect way to complement the season is a Victoria dress from Von vonni. Shown here in Cobalt color on Sarah from Style on The Couch.

Pick YOUR perfect color at ♥ www.vonvonni.com ♥


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Blogger Sarah Style on The Couch wearing Von Vonni

Here is Sarah from Style on The Couch wearing the Florence dress in Nude! See more on the Florence dress here!



Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Transformed bridesmaids!

Congratulations to this beautiful bridal party! The bridesmaids chose the Von vonni transformer in Navy - and each styled it individually! Buy the transformer in numerous colors and prints here.


Monday, October 1, 2012

Von vonni collection wedding dress

Exclusive Von vonni collection wedding dress. Picture this in white for your beautiful day! Why not have your bridesmaids wear a transformer?