Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Last minute Halloween costumes using Von Vonni!

From WAR.WORN.FASHION, see what she has to say below and follow the link to see even more bloggers modeling and outfit ideas!

Model: Jaclyn of Wearhou.se
Dress: Von Vonni Ashley Dress

Model: Chris of The Tiny Tierant
Dress:Von Vonni Short Transformer Dress in Teal

Model: Ashley of What Would Ashley Wear?
Dress: Von Vonni Aphrodite Gown

A Very #WarWornHalloween
Fashion – true fashion – is versatile. It is all about functionality, wearability (and to some extent, comfort), and transformation. The original concept behind prĂȘt-a-porter is uniformity. Today’s fashion is also about personality; there is whimsy in the notions of personal street style and the novelties available for purchase in the market (think of fads and your go-to fashion items for the season). At this time of the year though, your ordinary fashions take a back seat with Halloween. The season is all about costumes of extraordinary proportion. I love Halloween but the day has become a Hallmark holiday where one poorly made, tacky outfit costs an arm and a leg, destined only to be worn once. Not to mention, contemporary Halloween outfitting is far from appropriate.

“In the regular world, Halloween is when children dress up in costumes and beg for candy. In Girl World, Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.”

This Halloween, I’d like to invite you to bring back fashion. For the first time, War.Worn.Fashion introduces the concept of fashion DIY, the quintessential factor in daily dressing. In other words, we are talking about styling. Whether you make your own clothes or purchase them, styling can make or break your outfits. In my mind, fashion is about staples and styling them to multiple ways. Especially in this economy, fashion is meant to easily transform and create multiple looks for your wardrobe.

That is the concept behind War Worn Halloween, a photo shoot project featuring some amazing designers and some of New York City’s finest bloggers. The models, some members of The Bloggers’ Collective (a group I am proudly a part of) and rising classical music star, Adrianna Mateo, were photographed by New York City photographer (and dear friend of mine) Sasha Collins at Element Condominium. We’ve teamed up with Von Vonni and Alp Sagnak’s Atelier Minyon, two brands characterised by innovation and variation to create looks that can not only be worn as Halloween costumes but serve as examples of daily street style on ordinary occasions (for the extraordinary girl). The dresses the models are wearing are the same, regardless of their assigned archetype. “Costumes” are styled differently. For example, many of the dresses featured are Von Vonni Transformer dresses, which can be worn multiple ways – the perfect element for a transformational photo shoot. Equally as versatile, Atelier Minyon pieces are shown in both day-to-day outfit AND Halloween shots. While the jewellery makes an edgy statement, it is cryptic enough to display the wearer’s personality and be worn outside of special occasions (Ever heard of “it” accessories? Yeah, that’s what we mean)


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