Thursday, March 8, 2012

fashion Production NYC- Behind The Scenes

Fashion Production NYC- Behind The Scenes
With the emergence of spring comes soft breezes, longer days, and, of course, an excuse to buy new clothes! Here at Von Vonni we have been busy shipping our Spring/Summer 2012 Collection, and we are thrilled to disclose some of our newest garments with you! Recently we worked on a photoshoot for our website.  With Katy Perry blasting in the background, the shoot was a fun time, even though we ran through many outfit changes in a short amount of time. Front, back, walk, and don’t forget to smile! The team was enthusiastic and the results were fanastic.
This spring is not for the wary, who constantly don solid coloured ensembles. This spring it is all about prints prints prints! Not just your ordinary, tiny, run of the mill stripes either. Bold large florals-not just the tiny ones you’d find on a childs party dress- ruled the runways. Besides the standard florals, which go hand in hand with the warmer temperatures, polka dots, geometric shapes, abstract art and other bold designs were featured. Von Vonni certainly is on point with this trend! Bold paisleys, brushstroke sweeps, and pretty petals were featured on skirts and dresses of all lengths and styles.
            With warmer weather one is often eager to shed the layers and dark colours of wintertime. This spring, pastels were everywhere, as well as neons and bold strong hues for the more adventurous. The spring collection at Von Vonni featured florals in sweet pastel hues and lots of yellow, which is right on point. Tube tops  are featured in a melody of vibrant colours such as the very popular tangerine and vibrant pink. They pair perfectly with the high waisted, ladylike sweeping maxi skirts, which emulate the cinched waist, ladylike looks that top designers debuted. For those who like to play on the safe side, Von Vonni also featured dresses and prints in black and white, which is always a staple for the season.  Floaty nude coloured skirts with large florals provide a perfect balance.
            Of course, when it is 80 degrees out and you are running late, or even just lounging around, you don’t want to be clothed in heavy unbreathable fabrics. Several skirts are made of silk, floaty and light as air. Dresses have cutouts, and are made of equally light materials to ensure your comfort.
            We are pleased to bring you the newest editions to the 2012 Von Vonni Collection!

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