Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Von Vonni 2013 Presentation Review by The Quest for "it"

A decidedly gentile Spring 2013 presentation took place at Norwood on Monday September 10, in New York City by international designer Von Vonni. Inspired by a journey from New York to St. Tropez von Vonni's Spring 2013 collection, which is infused with dusty mutes pastel tones and strong signature prints, is versatile enough for a busy city, yet chic enough for a stroll on the French Riviera.

Featuring his signature mix of strong tailored lines and billowy silhouettes, Von Vonni recreates the sophistication and elegance of the city in which he designs and produces his line, yet infuses the sexiness and glamour inherent in the south of France.

Lo'renzo Hill White, the celeb stylist responsible for the show's overall look and feel explained "I wanted a more dramatic makeup to offset the feminine laid back casual look of the collection. I wanted the makeup to pop out and make the girls look cool. I mean I feel like cool downtown girls would wear it (collection) of they look and they can see themselves in it. I want Upper East side girls to wear it but I want Lower East side girls to wear it."

Standouts include: a pastel pink halter gown and a multi-color print blouse with ruffled tie at collar and sky blue shorts.

*photo by The Quest for "it"


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