Sunday, February 10, 2013

Off-Season survival tips


Is a kind of weird period of time, when the cold winter almost runs away, but it's just the beginning to smelling the spring in the air, but you start to review your new clothes in the closet, imagine like you will wear this dress for a party, when it will warmer.

Well, to be honest it's less typical for NYC, here you can see a girl wearing high-heel sandals with a fur coat from December to February. You don't need to search to find an example, its enough to remind Carrie Bradshaw, played by S.J. Parker in the movie “Sex and the City”, and i can say its kind of a classic thing here in New York.

This is one of the most effective time now for me personally. Good time to set all the ideas for the future season. We designers, always live a bit in the day ahead. We have to actually. Therefore February for me is kind of the preparation for September, rather than the last month of the winter. But, please, do not think that I don’t wait for its end less than you.

So, here is my top-five, to survive this month in the best possible ways:

1. Take Vitamins

2. You need to have the right track-list, no tears and fears, leave the drama for your mama, you have to start your day with something like... Madonna “ Vogue”.

3. Be sure to fall in love, and if you're already in love, you have to fall in love with the same person again. Don’t forget, that this is also the most romantic month of the year!

4. Red lipstick goes well with the previous point in my list as well.

5. Go and buy some incredibly feminine dresses for the Spring season to come and let this purchase move you to the warmer days.



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