Monday, July 8, 2013

Celebrating Summer w/ a Rooftop Party

There's nothing more we love than the wonderful days of summer, besides sharing those wonderful days with friends - so we decided to have an intimate rooftop party with a few blogger friends. We welcomed the start of summer with beautiful weather, great fashion conversation and glasses filled with delicious Seagram's Escapes, whose many flavors not only complimented our Transformer dresses but were the perfect summer escape on this beautiful and hot summer day.

Guests got a chance to see some of the many ways to style the Von Vonni Transformer Dress, meet the designer and enjoy the gorgeous New York City views from The Tate. Among our fashionable guests was actress, Megan Duffy (pictured below being styled by Von in the short Von Vonni Transformer)- her current movie, Maniac, with Elijah Wood is generating great buzz.

After hours of fun, Seagram's Escapes and relaxation, the party, which went from day to evening, ended with each guest being gifted with a Von Vonni Transformer Dress of their own to rock this summer.

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